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Because we believe that all marriage relationships are played out in the midst of the Great Controversy theme, we believe that marriages are under attack now more than ever before in history Your marriage continues to impact your children, even after they become adults and leave home to marry and begin their own families. At Tu Familia Primero, we believe that it is never too late to restore and bring healing to a marriage/family relationship. We seek to empower and encourage individuals and couples to take an honest inventory of their relationships and to do everything in their power to seek assistance in breaking generational strongholds, honestly face toxic inherited and learned family dances, and commit to making the changes necessary to bring restoration and healing to their family system, one step at a time. According to Systems Theory, any positive change that one individual makes in his/her family system will impact and change the whole system in some fashion. Tu Familia Primero offers seminars, workshops, retreats, and individual, couple and family therapy to achieve healthier marriages, parents, and individuals. Kingdom-building/Ministerial Couples and individuals are our specialty. The De Leon’s provide workshops and Retreats and Therapy sessions that cover the following general themes:

  • Safeguarding & Nourishing Your Ministry Marriage
  • Couples & Individual Therapy
  • Family Growth & Development
  • Family as the Laboratory for Sanctification
  • Effective Parenting
  • Couple & Parenting Problem Solving
  • Abuse & Violence Prevention
  • How Your Marriage Affects the Brain development of Your Children
  • Spirit-directed Listening and Communication
  • Therapeutic Couple Retreats
  • Ministerial Couple Retreats
  • Post-trauma Healing & Therapy


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