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Family Ministry SEMINARS

Tu Familia Primero is open to being booked for Family Ministry Seminars in your church or community.

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Philosophy of MINISTRY

Tu Familia Primero is happy to have made a positive difference in countless families.

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Welcome toTu Familia Primero

Tu Familia Primero is a ministry dedicated to the strengthening and restoration of marriage and family relationships in a culture filled with increasing stressors and unsustainable schedules that lead well-intentioned couples to drift into emotional and physical distancing, disconnection and eventually, the ultimate destruction of the family system, divorce.

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Tu Familia Primero understands that marriage and families are lived in the Biblical and conflictual context of the cosmic conflict between a loving God and a cunningly deceptive enemy, Satan. The noxious effects of the degradation of the image of God upon mankind, caused by generations of sin have resulted in emotional and relational wounds that have resulted in dysfunctional and destructive relational patterns which make having healthy marriages and families a challenge.

Tu Familia Primero offers seminars, provides counseling and other therapeutic services for individuals, couples and children with a perspective that integrates Biblical principles with psychological constructs that offer hope and healing.

  • Therapy that supports and empowers individuals, couples or families as they enter a healing process to address and surmount emotional wounds fueled by past or present toxic relationships
  • The development of emotional, social, marital and family coping strategies
  • Marriage, Parenting and Family Enrichment Seminars for groups of all sizes
  • Intensive Therapy for Ministry Couples in Crisis


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